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Speedsoft VSampler 3.5

Speedsoft VSampler 3.5 turns your PC into a 255 voices polyphonic sampler
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Speedsoft VSampler 3.5 is a program that turns your PC into a polyphonic sampler. You will be able to use any recorded sound as a musical instrument, through this 255 voices sampler. When you start VSampler for the first time, it will allow you to perform a scan for installed plug-ins. You will then have to specify the interface, driver and audio rate you want to use to play the sounds. The demo version is functional for 30 days, and it will load by default the library named "Metamorphosis of a Sawwave". This program can be used a a plug-in for your sequencer, or as a standalone program. Should you have a MIDI sequencer, you can use the "virtual MID-cable" feature to connect the program to it, this way the output will be played through that sequencer. VSampler can save files in SF2 format, and can also load instruments saved in that format, Gigastudio, HALion 1 + 2, Kontakt 1.x, DLS, AKAI, E-MU™ III / IV CD, plus LM4 Battery drumkits, ReCycle (RCY, REX, RX2) and ACID drumloops. You can also load files in .WAV or .AIF formats, and save them in .WAV format.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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